ČIOP ČIOP – The first and largest network of culinary studios in the Baltic States, offering culinary entertainment and unexpected partying solutions.

CIOP CIOP offers kitchen parties, exclusive dinners with open cooking sessions, business lunch, 6 different conference rooms, birthdays celebrations, creative weddings and the implementation of various culinary projects.

ČIOP ČIOP works with more than 15 different chefs, offers various tastings with experts, the dishes reflect gastronomic tendencies and all favorite classical cuisines ČIOP ČIOP cares and constantly contributes to social projects.

ČIOP ČIOP The studios are based in Vilnius (2 studios), Kaunas and Klaipėda.

Chiefs of World Cuisine

Guests gathered in culinary courses and open production sessions learn different principles of production of world cuisine, and courses are led by different chefs from Lithuania, France, Slovenia, Italy, India, Mexico, Singapore.

ČIOP ČIOP In the studio you can taste and learn to cook:

  • Modern Lithuanian
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Vietnamese
  • Singapore
  • Caribbean
  • Thai
  • Israeli
  • India
  • Morocco
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Greece
  • French
  • Great Britain
  • American
  • Also, the principles of production and preparation of individual desserts, fish, meat, vegetables, bakery and other.


ČIOP ČIOP Žvejų street. 2 studio – An open kitchen is located in the very center of Vilnius with a view of the Neris quay, the castle and the Lithuanian “St. Petersburg”

ČIOP ČIOP Žalgirio street 135 studio – Exclusive urban space with an interactive bar, professional kitchen, green dining area and VIP room. The Event Studio can accommodate up to 200 people and allows you to complete all event ideas.

ČIOP ČIOP chefs and beverage experts

  • Anna Baranova (Lithuania)
  • Marc D’Erceville (France)
  • George Enrikuez (Mexico)
  • Ignutis Klimavičius (Lithuania)
  • Jure Glumac (Slovenia)
  • Dalius Aleksiejevas (Lithuania)
  • Mantas Dobradziejus (Lithuania)
  • Rufus Chua (Singapore)
  • Ernestas Žitkauskas (Lithuania)
  • Gaspar Fernandes (India)
  • Edgaras Rutkauskas (Lithuania)
  • Rokas Vasiliauskas (Lithuania)
  • Laurynas Čėsna (Lithuania)
  • Mindaugas Skutulas (Lithuania)
  • Audrius Apukas (Lithuania)
  • Renat Boreiko (Lithuania)
  • Nikita Konev (Lithuania)
  • Mantas Motieka (Lithuania)
  • Tomas Klimašauskas (Lithuania)
  • Gintaras Martinonis (Lithuania)
  • Monika Malakauskaitė (Lithuania)
  • Bernardas Anužis (Lithuania)
  • Tomas Tarabyčinas (Lithuania)
  • Gintautas Pleskačiauskas (Lithuania)
  • Karolis Narušis (Lithuania)

We also work with professional barmen, wine sommelier and beer sommelier:

  • Ignas Zinkevičius (Alchemikas), barmenas
  • Martynas Paukštys (Liviko), barmenas
  • Karolis Jakelevičius (Alchemikas), barmenas
  • Jonas Lingys (Švyturys), alaus someljė
  • Jūratė Sprindžiūnaitė (Vynas ir draugai), vyno someljė

For business

  • Unconventional space for corporate parties
  • Meetings with business partners
  • Team building events
  • Internal business events
  • Private business breakfasts and lunches
  • Food supply
  • Organizing non-traditional events in your or our space

For food businesses

  • Production exposition in non-usual space
  • Production presentations during culinary courses
  • Tasting with your products
  • Publicity events
  • New product introductions
  • Professional Chiefs special menus using your product to reveal the best product features
  • Menu creation
  • Restaurant Consultation
  • Event Management

Private events

  • Birthday partys
  • Wedding organization
  • Outdoor events in the nature or in your yard
  • Children’s birthdays
  • Friends’ parties in the kitchen
  • Cooking courses
  • Organization of specific events
  • Catering for your events

Selected culinary programs, a kitchen party or a specially fitted business event the participants, together with a professional chef, prepare themselves dishes for a multi-dinner, get acquainted with the delicacies of the chosen kitchen or culinary world, cooking principles, learn how to use local fresh products in your dishes.