ČIOP ČIOP offers unique and one exclusive Christmas and business gifts !

Materialized emotion:

o Lunch box

o Pie or a stew in a beautiful bottle

o Chefs made spices for food

o NEW ! Spices for drinks infusion

o Exclusive Čiop Čiop handmade plates

o Somelle box

o Biodynamic wine

Most exclusive gift this season – EXPERIENCE

o Private culinary events

o 10 days cooking course (perfect for your boss)

o Gift cards (may be used for an entertainment of your choise)*

o Cake to your office

o Lunch to your office

o Cooking photoshoot with a cooking session


*Gift card is valid in all of our studios, Peri Peri restaurant, Tortinė for 1 year
** Everything is discussed individuallly

More information:

8 620 089972,