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Magic word YES. We are the ones that you need.

Useful tips from professionals.

We will take care of everything from A to Z.

ČIOP ČIOP weddings – unique and fresh space, creative event organizing decisions, professional chefs, various worldwide cuisines.

ČIOP ČIOP – first and biggest culinary studio chain in the Baltics. We offer culinary entertainment and unique event organizing decisions.

ČIOP ČIOP advantages:

  • We provide event organizing services, so you don’t have to worry about anything else
  • We work with professional photographers, musicians and event hosts, so we can always recommend you someone
  • ČIOP ČIOP studios are located in areas with no neighbours, so your event cannot be interrupted with complaints about the noise
  • We work with different kinds of chefs from all over the world, so you can choose your favorite cuisine that suits your wedding day perfectly
  • We serve unique drinks that are balanced for events. We love to share our advices for drinks that matches the food
  • Food is one of the most important things on your wedding day, so we always combine our experience with your needs

ČIOP ČIOP Cooking studio Žvejų g. 2

  • Studio is located in Vilnius city center
  • Studio has terrace with a beautiful view of Neris river and Gediminas Castle hill
  • Open grill
  • Open kitchen – additional entertainment
  • Celebrate till the morning
  • Cooking studio – neutral space that can be decorated upon your requist

Additional services

  • Decorations
  • DJ and performers
  • Bartenders
  • Photographers
  • Sweet table
  • Ice-cream bicycles /stall
  • Tasting sessions: wine, beers, whiskey, grapples, cocktails, oils

We invite you to register for a personal consultation:

[email protected] / +370 663 66667